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How it works

1. Answer 3 simple questions.

All we need to create your chatbot is your website url, email address and a valid form of payment — processed through Stripe. Then select your no-strings subscription level. Learn more here.

2. Relax, TabbyChat trains itself.

Powered by ChatGPT, TabbyChat automatically and instantly scrapes your website to train itself on its info. The more you have on there, the more TabbyChat can answer on your behalf.

3. Make it your own.

Our dashboard allows basic modifications to the appearance of your AI chatbot, such as color, font, and shape to match your branding. For more robust customizations, get in touch with our team.

4. Just copy / paste.

We provide you with a step-by-step guide to easily copy/paste the bot code into your website. No coding needed! Just a simple copy/paste and your Tabbychat bot will run instantly!

5. Never miss a beat.

Receive auto alerts with the complete chat history after every interaction, as well as important account notifications.

6. No question left behind.

For any questions outside TabbyChat's domain, customers will automatically receive an apology and the option to directly submit their inquiry to your company's inbox.

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Stay open, even when closed

No naps for TabbyChat, 24/7 customer support on autopilot.

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Cat-alyst for growth

Focus on big picture purr-suits and let TabbyChat handle the everyday customer service.


Respond instantly.

TabbyChat greets and answers customers questions without delay.

Scale on demand.

No waiting for the next available agent! Our AI chatbot can seamlessly and simultaneously handle growing numbers of customer interactions.

Keep it on brand.

TabbyChat ensures consistent messaging about your company across customer interactions for a cohesive brand experience.
Extra services

Level up


A little extra AI fine-tuning from our team can help your TabbyChat become an expert in their field vs. a general customer service rep — answering more of those out-of-scope questions that pop up.

Custom Personality

Want a little more personality?
We can customize TabbyChat to respond in ways that better reflect your unique brand experience.

Extra Support

TabbyChat is easy to use, but we always offer extra support as needed to make sure both you and TabbyChat are ready to go!

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So easy, a cat could do it

In just a few simple steps, you can have your own custom AI chatbot ready to go on your website!

Start right meow!

No-strings-attached pricing

With no long-term commitments, you have the flexibility to choose a plan that suits your needs.

Cancel at any time or seamlessly switch between different monthly subscriptions levels as needed.


Exchanges a Month
$5 /Month
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Exchanges a Month
$15 /Month
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Exchanges a Month
$50 /Month
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All plans include:

Frequently asked questions

How is the chatbot customized for my website?


When you sign up, TabbyChat automagically scans your website and learns from it. Once it's set up, TabbyChat can answer any question with the information it learned, whether it's from your site's home page, FAQ section, or terms of service.

What happens if my TabbyChat doesn't know the answer to a question?


For any questions outside TabbyChat's domain, customers will automatically receive an apology and the option to directly submit their inquiry to your company's inbox.

How can I see the Chatbot conversation history?


You will automatically receive emails with the complete chat history after every interaction.

Do I need to know how to code to implement TabbyChat?


Not at all! TabbyChat creates the code for you, and our setup guide walks you through a simple copy/paste based on your website domain like Wix or SquareSpace. You can always reach out to the TabbyChat team for support, too. We're happy to help.

Which US President was known for being a big fan of cats?


Abraham Lincoln was the first president to keep cats in the White House, Tabby and Dixie, and was well known for his love of cats in general.

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